Supporting Refugees

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Supporting refugees

If you want to know more about how the Parish is looking to support refugees or want to get involved you can join our  Ukraine Refugee Welcome mailing list by clicking here  or by emailing Susan our curate  the Government site for registering your individual or group interest in hosting refugees. Our local community sponsorship team.  the Government arms-length agency in charge of community Sponsorship.  They currently have a portal for Ukrainians to register to come to the UK.  They are setting-up a matching service for UK hosts. a new organisation set-up by Dr Krish Kandiah to support individuals and organisations who want to sponsor refugees.  They plan to set-up a one-stop shop for resources and also offering training. a longstanding organisation working with churches to help support refugees.  Another source of information and training.  this is a site in English, Ukrainian and Russian for refugees with practical  information to help them settle in the UK. It is run by Welcome Churches. a charity that supports children under the age of five by providing good quality equipment, clothes etc.  They are setting-up an Amazon gift list for Ukrainian families arriving in the UK. Refugee Education UK, a charity that seeks to support refugees access education.  They are developing resources in Ukrainian and Russian to help refugees navigate the education system.  

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