Go far, go fair, go green

Go far, go fair, go green

  • One of our MAP Goals as a parish is to: Be a green & Fairtrade parish & make a positive environmental impact
  • Our Green & Fairtrade team led by Trevor Tayleur and we would love for you to be involved!
  • We are currently doing the Ecochurch survey to review our environmental footprint https://ecochurch.arocha.org.uk/

  • Did you know:

You can fill your own bags and containers locally at zero waste shops ✔
You can buy used or up-cycled goods, or e.g. charity shop Christmas presents ✔
You can reduce waste by buying some brands like Traidcraft’s Bio-D in 5 litre containers with transferable pumps and spare nozzles ✔
You can shop alternative materials, such as eco-friendly jeans, bamboo paper towels or socks (see www.traidcraft.co.uk – bamboo blend socks by Thought) ✔
Repair something that’s broken ✔

As a fairtrade parish we have commited to:

We run a termly fairtrade stall on Sundays with the next one happening after the 0930 and 1115 services on 12th September. To purchase fairtrade products consider using Traidcraft

Links to websites about Climate change and it’s impact

Bible Verses on Creation

The Earth belongs to God (Ps. 24.1) by his creation (Job 38.4; Ps. 19.1), sustaining (Matt. 6.26), redemption (Col. 1.15-30), and power to destroy (Gen. 6.7; Ps. 104.29); it is the theatre of his work (Gen. 9.12-17); Hos. 2.21-22; Matt. 5.45).

Creation is ‘good’ and intrinsically valuable (Gen. 2.20), connected to him by word (Gen. 1.3, 6, 9, etc; John 1.1-5; Heb.1.3) and saved from reification by the incarnation (Mark 4.41; Eph 1.22; Phil 2.10-11).

God has entrusted his creation to us as his managers (Gen. 1.26; Ps.8.6-8) or gardeners (Gen. 2.15).

We are answerable to him for his trust (Lev. 25.3-5, 14-17; Luke 12.42-48; 19:12-27; 20:9-18), not as preservations but as responsible stewards (Matt. 25.24-30).
Our relationship has been disrupted by the fall (Gen. 3.1-7; Rom. 8.19-22)
[Taken from Berry (ed.), (2000) The Care of Creation: Focusing Concern and Action, IVP]

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