Showing the Love of Jesus in Practical ways

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Showing the Love of Jesus in Practical ways

This week, some of the CAP clients we’ve been helping, in partnership with other churches, were featured on ITV news in their homes and at Hope Cafe @ St Paul’s. You can view the clip here:

Partnering with CAP and the churches of the Beacon CAP Partnership we have been lifting people out of debt, helping people budget and helping them find employment.

We run a range of services, including job clubs, money courses, debt coaching and Christmas Hampers.

If you need debt help, please contact CAP for free on 0800 328 0006

If you need a Foodbank or Fuel Voucher, or other financial assistance, do contact Beckee, Jules or a member of the clergy team.

If you need help in other ways, or want to point others to places that help, do check out this handy signposting document produced by the Diocese of Southwark:

You are also welcome to come to our Sunflower shop. It’s a free, winter clothing, and bedding shop we are running over November.

You are also welcome to come to Hope Cafe @ St Paul’s on Thursdays, 9am-4pm, for free food and drinks and for signposting to other places of help.

We are also looking to set up a warm hub on Mondays serving free hot drinks and snacks. Contact Beckee for more information (see below)

If you want to volunteer in any of our CAP ministries or Hope Cafe, please do contact 
Beckee (Debt Coaching, Christmas Hampers & Warm Hub) –  07593 580184
Jules (Job clubs, Money Courses & Hope Cafe) –  07563 191309

If you want to give to the Parish of Herne Hill regularly, to support our CAP work and all the different things we are doing for our community, please join our Parish Giving Scheme

I pray you have a wonderful week.

Much love, Ben

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