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Just General Life Youth

just general life youth

Just General Life Youth (JGL) is our weekly youth group on Wednesday nights at St Paul’s Church for young people aged school years 6-13.

It’s a great place for young people to hang out, build strong and meaningful relationships, and think about their faith journey. There is a range of games, crafts, cooking, team building, as well as lively and relevant exploration of faith and life issues and choices in a safe environment that’s welcoming to everyone. There’s usually an outing once a term too.

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Bex Griffiths also offers one-to-one sessions with individuals who want to continue discussions, developing their personal growth, faith and future life choices.

Please click below to fill out the new virtual consent form! We will not allow your child to participate in any children’s & youth activities without it!!

Summer Youth Camps

youth summer camp

West Runton Holidays

Each year JGL Youth join a faith-based 5-day youth camp jam-packed with performing arts, sports, outdoor activities and motivational workshops to inspire young people in their lives. Aged for young people aged 13-18, the workshops are delivered by and tailored to young leaders. It is a space in which young people can become aware of their potential, dream about their future achievements and form healthy relationships alongside confidence in their faith.

Due to Covid-19, this year there will be no summer youth camp but we as a youth group will be hosting a youth event at St Paul’s Church and plugging in virtually to Limitless Festival in the summer holidays for young people that would like to hear the seminars and worship.

Young people go on a West Runton Holiday to have fun and learn away from home in a community of Christians. Herne Hill Parish discovered West Runton “camps” in the 1990s, when I led one and some of our young people came with me. It’s good to go with someone you know, and to see a familiar face in an unfamiliar place; but it’s also good for young people to make new friends and see Christian living modelled by people outside their home circle.

Many families have seen children grow in faith and friendships through West Runton – including at least 2 ordinations and 2 marriages. Some of our favourite worship songs were introduced by young people bringing them back from “camp”. Families can help each other with transport and Herne Hill children have benefited from confidential help with cost when necessary. My camping days are over but it’s great to see this part of parish life going strong.

Milkwood Summer Programme

milkwood youth summer programme

Milkwood Summer Programme is a fun packed two-week event in our local community for children and young people aged 6-16 in the Milkwood Community Park. 

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We team up with providers such as KickLondon, Heart in Art Workshops, XLP and Dough Bakehouse to create an action-packed programme for children and young people to be a blessing in the community.

Each week is filled with outdoor multi-sports, arts & crafts, games & puzzles & a double decker gam console bus. Also during the programme we also take young people aged 11+ on a range of trips (including GoApe, trampolining, bike riding and gokarting).

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The Five

The Five is an informal evening service every Sunday at 5pm at St Paul’s. All are welcome but youth and students are especially catered for. We start with pizza and drinks at 5pm and then the service starts at 5.15pm with modern music and an interactive Bible talk followed by an opportunity to either reflect, sing or receive prayer.

CAP Money Students

cap money students

CAP Money Students covers the same ideas and concepts as the original CAP Money Course in a way that is relevant to students who are either currently at university or are thinking about going to university in the next few years (i.e. Sixth form college students). As well as covering the core topics included in the main CAP Money course material, the student course also provides additional information to help students control their irregular income and student debts.

CAP Money Students is aimed at people who are at university or are thinking about going to university in the next few years. For delegates who are working or receiving benefits the original CAP Money Course would be more appropriate.

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